Michal Pudelka
Age: 25
Nationality: Slovakian
City Of Residence: Bratislava
Profession: Photographer

Before becoming a famous photographer through social media, Michal Pudelka was raised in Bratislava and trained in drawing, painting and composition at the Parsons School of Design in Paris. Pudelka often uses his personal experiences in his work, which he describes as

“... a surreal reflection of personal emotions from everyday life. Growing up as a gay boy in a post-communist country was difficult. It made me close myself into my own world and find peace in creating. It’s my own version of psychotherapy.

Pudelka’s talent for photography was first noticed on Tumblr and Flickr. Today, he is represented by Katy Baker, one of the leading figures in the visual world, and has been commissioned as the freshest new photographic talent by global brands such as Valentino and Adidas. He uses Instagram frequently as a portfolio to reach a large audience. Pudelka is currently working as the creative director for Anonym Magazine while shooting for a number of other magazines across the world. He will also exhibit at the prestigious Art Basel in Miami Beach later this year.

In today’s era, when basically everybody is a photographer by owning a cell phone with a camera, it is key to develop a signature style. Back in the day in my country, everybody used to look the same because there was no export of clothing from other countries. Also, today the fashion trends do the same, dictating how we should look, what we should wear. So it is very crucial to develop something that makes you different. ”