Johnny dufort
Age: 31
Nationality: British
City of residence: London
Profession: Photographer

Cornwall-born Johnny Dufort was this summer named one of the main representatives of “newness” in the photographic world (i-D Magazine). His work focuses on celebrating the digital photographic medium. The artist,who lists as opposing inspirations as “Graceland” by Paul Simon and “Wild at Heart” by David Lynch, is known for his use of digital enhancement methods. However, his images have an imperfect character, revealing retouching strokes to create experimental and surreal images that remove themselves far from the seamless magazine covers we are used to seeing.

I think it is crucial to have something that defines you personally. I think you can exist as an artist in the fashion industry, but with more compromise. Artistic freedom for me is being able to do something without caring what others think of it.

Dufort’s photography has been featured in magazines such as POP, ARENAHOMME and Dazed & Confused, and his advertising work includes campaigns for fashion houses such as Tom Ford and Louis Vuitton. Although having digital methods as a focal point in his work, Dufort does not consider digital media crucial to his practice.

I don’t think digital media has opened up new creative possibilities for me. I started to use Instagram to self-promote, but rather reluctantly. But I do find the whole thing fascinating, especially the way social media empowers people. I think it’s given more people the opportunity to try photography. I think we’re going through a big cultural shift at the moment, and visual art is exciting because of this.