Henrik Uldalen
Age: 28
Nationality: Norwegian
City of residence: Florence/London
Profession: Fine art painter

Figurative painter Henrik Uldalen started his career as an art teacher before committing to life as a full-time artist, a choice he attributes to the moment he discovered oil paint. The autodidact is known for his photographic portraits of faces and bodies caught in surreal states, such as flying, falling or floating. With a striking accuracy, his realistic paintings seem to express a variation of human darkness, often referencing feelings of loneliness, nihilism and confusion.

 “I work solely with projecting my own emotions and ideas onto the canvas. I’m unable to fake it with art, and make something that’s not drawn directly out of my mind and state at the moment.

Uldalen depicts mysterious atmospheres and broken-up narratives, setting his haunting imagery up for various interpretations. His work has braced the covers of American Art Collector and Hi Fructose, and has been displayed in several solo exhibitions, lastly at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. His remarkable social media following is an undeniable success factor for the talented youngster, with an Instagram account reaching 162K followers this year.

“Almost everything in my life right now I can thank Facebook and Instagram for. It’s especially great for someone growing up in a desolate city in Norway to be able to fight head to head with anyone in the world.