Age: 33
Nationality: Norwegian
City of residence: Oslo
Profession: Artist, photographer and filmmaker

It’s hard to think of a place of shame and loneliness FALCK has left unscrutinized in his artwork. Through his films, writings and photography, the multi-talented artist, who started his career as a stand-up comedian and actor, has kept building on his overarching SHAME-project by exploring instances of taboos in society and the various forms of pain human beings may experience.

“I feel ashamed and I explore that feeling through trying to create an image or word for it. However, it’s always in vain, it’s always impossible, so I just keep on trying and trying.”

“My mommy”, a film about FALCK’s mother attempting to overcome her experiences with sexual abuse, earned the artist acclaim both nationally and internationally, and “Scene from a relationship: #2”, a film exploring jealousy, was nominated for an Amanda in 2010. FALCK is also the author behind the Instagram account and book @naa_koser_ vi_oss, a project intent to deconstruct the picture-perfect ordinary life normally portrayed through social media. @naa_koser_vi_oss is a series of secretly shot cellphone pictures of people in public and stirred a national debate about the right to publish documentary images. The project has made the hashtag #nkvo a cultural phenomenon.

 “Personally, I am extremely vulnerable and feel a constant need for confirmation, but as an artist I strive to be oblivious to other people’s opinions and to be uncompromising with respect to an idea.“