Edda Gimnes
Age: 24
Nationality: Norwegian
City of residence: Oslo/London
Profession: Fashion designer and illustrator

Before the applause had died out from her London College of Fashion graduate show, Edda Gimnes’ women’s wear collection was on everyone’s lips, as she was named one of ten “Fresh-Out-of-Fashion-School Designers to Watch” by the New York Times. Making drawings with her left hand, being right-handed, she transfers her illustrations to white canvas clothing using digital printing. Pairing simple-cut outfits with black brushstroke drawing, her clothes appear as if animated, accentuated by oversized, paperesque gloves, hats and platform sandals.

“When someone sees my collection I want them to be able to make up their own narrative and storytelling due to the disparate elements in it, such as fur, canvas, a huge embroidered dress, to a tiny little bra.

Gimnes’ many travels around the world has made her be on a constant look for unique places and objects, such as old photographs from flee markets and car boot sales, pieces she carefully collects and incorporates into her work. With each piece delicately provided with their own personality, her creations have already caught the attention of stylist to the stars Alexis Knox, working with artist greats such as Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.

“Digital media is so effective. It fascinates me how people across the world are able to access the same things instantly. Recently, most lot of my collaborations and shoots have been with people getting in touch with me trough Instagram.”