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Waldemar Thranes gate 17
0171 OSLO

do you check_your insta com.jpg

your insta comments?

we asked the artists, do you check yout insta comments?

Michal Pudelka

Yes, I do.

Charlotte Wales

Johnny Dufort
Not yet.

Katerina Plotnikova
Sometimes, because If do it all the time I'll go insane . Everyone is entitled to their opinion , but that doesn't mean it's right.

Coco Capitán
If bored.

Hendrik Uldalen

I do, and I try to answer all questions as well. But I won’t let it dictate what I post, as following the peoples voice haven’t given me anything. I’ve always worked uphill with my art, and it’s gone well. These days I work with paintings that people definitely like less that my previous work. The important thing for me is to have freedom to do and express what I need to express, while I’m enjoying myself in every step.