Coco Capitan
Age: 23
Nationality: Spanish
City of residence: London
Profession: Artist

Coco Capitán has at only 23 years of age been featured in numerous prestigious blogs and magazines, including Vice Italy and Nylon Mexico. She has gained a major Instagram following with her postings that combine fashion art photography and poetry. Her famous series of self portraits, including “I have more fun when I’m home alone” (2012), explore themes such as loneliness and individualism, while her photo series “The System of Objects” problematizes consumerism.

"I am not interested in political art, but my cultural and geographical context can certainly be seen through my work. "

In recent times she has been working on a project depicting China through the perspective of her childhood dream of digging her way through the ground until reaching the Far East. Having moved around a lot with her mother as a child, living in various countries, Capitán’s photography has become a way of keeping places and people close to heart.

Most of my work is a direct reflection of my life. I want honesty and purity to be the base of my life and I can achieve this through art. It is essential to be honest and pure. Pure in the sense of presenting yourself free of external contamination, free of uncorrupted feelings – like a child.