Charlotte Wales
Age: 29
Nationality: UK
City of residence: New York
Profession: Photographer

Being the daughter of a British artist, Charlotte Wales has been drawn to art from an early age. After obtaining a BFA from the Central Saint Martins in London, she landed the prestigious job of managing the studio of top photographer Daniel Jackson, a position she held for three years. Since then, Wales has established a substantial career as a photographer, landing spreads in publications such as British Vogue, The Gentlewoman, Vogue Hommes, POP and W Magazine.

I feel that in contemporary society fashion photography almost fulfills the same role as the fresco painters of the Renaissance. It’s all about how one chooses to interact with, ignore or use commerce. ”

Wales’ imagery has a painted quality to it. She uses sophisticated lighting to play with subtleties in the image. Shooting digitally allows for small adjustments on-the-fly to her sets. Her aesthetic is often characterized by the use of few colors and a strong recurring theme.

For me restrictions are interesting. I don’t think artistic freedom is something that realistically exists. With boundaries you can tip-toe around them and play with subversion. Total artistic freedom really means operating in a vacuum. There’s nothing there, and that’s not interesting to me.